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Selected herbal and floral products made with love at our farm in Cape Breton

Bio Botanic

About Bio Botanic

Why did I create the bio botanic line of herbal and floral products? I have a deep love of gardening and appreciating and using the herbs and flowers that are grown. As a health care provider, I believe in clean simple living and doing everything we can to nourish our bodies and souls while avoiding potential harmful chemicals. As a midwife and supporter of families I understand the importance of protecting and nurturing life from conception on. My undergraduate degree in nutrition taught me so much about micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And as a lifelong nerdy girl, I love digging in for more information and I am always learning how a plant can be understood and used. For that reason, I am now studying herbal medicine through a Canadian College.

I now find myself on 50 fertile acres in the bush in Cape Breton where I finally have the environment to experiment and grow to my hearts content. Fortunately, the land on the bio farm has never been exposed to pesticides or chemicals and we practice the principles of permaculture and organic gardening. It is time to share with you what I have learned and can now have the freedom and opportunity to create.

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Custom blended teas

Our custom blended teas are now available at the farm gate and Mabou Farmers market. Teas are blends of imported top quality teas, and our flowers and herbs from the botanic gardens.



Also known as floral waters, hydrolat or essential waters. These are milder safer concentrations of essential oils made from aromatic herbs and flowers. They are made from the same process as essential oils, steam distillation, and result in a pure distillate containing less than 1% essential oils. As a result they contain all the health benefits of essential oils without the need to dilute in oil or water. All our hydrosols are made on our bio farm in Cape Breton in small batches, using only our own herbs and flowers and water. We use no pesticides or chemicals on our farm.

Uses for Hydrosols: Face spray, Body spray, Room spray, Aromatherapy. 2 tbsp in a bath

Our calming spray contains soothing herbs (chamomile, calendula, hyssop). Our anti bacterial spray contains stronger aromatic herbs well known for their antibacterial properties (Greek oregano, thyme, sage). Our Botanic Herb Garden has been planted with Kaliteri Oregano. This hard to find strain of Oregano is known for its high medicinal oil content and used in the commercial oregano oil industry.

Facial Balm

Facial Balm

our gentle, chemical free face balm is perfect used nightly before bed, after face has been thoroughly cleaned. It is made from a carefully selected blend of seed oils, vitamin E, and our own pure beeswax from our forest apiary. It minimally scented with local essential oil of lavender. Wake up in the morning with a soft smooth glow in your complexion.

Baby Botanic

Baby Botanic

Our baby botanic line has been carefully crafted for the most tender skin! Using only a pure distillate of gentle, soothing flowers, it can be sprayed onto baby’s bottom for diaper changes, and wipes off with a clean cloth. Contains no irritating alcohols. Contains, calendula, chamomile and hyssop hydrosols, vitamin E and olive oil. Itc also may contain, rose and lavender hydrosol.

To use: shake well and spray on diaper area. Wipe off with a clean cloth. Can be used in place of baby wipes.

Additional use: room spray, or linen spray.

Essential oils

Essential Oils

Our Botanic gardens are the source of our own essential oils and hydrosols. Peter has engineered our unique steam distillation process so that our oils and hydrosols can be produced from fresh flowers and herbs on site here at the bio farm. We use these in our own Bio-Botanic products including healing salves, face lotion, spritzes and floral waters for the bath.



Our botanic gardens as well as wild foraging on our property, are the source material for our herbal tinctures. Made in small batches by hand and using only fresh and chemical free herbs, flowers and plants. you can be assured these are 100% pure. We even use our own honey to make the base for these tinctures! Tinctures can be taken by dropper under the tongue or dissolved in a glass of water.